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May 27, 2017, 01:54:32 AM *
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 on: Today at 01:44:00 AM 
Started by gstours - Last post by oc1
That a nice sanke rogan.  You would need a high-end koi collection to dump that one in the pond.

 on: Today at 12:54:31 AM 
Started by Craigen - Last post by Robert Janssen
The 16vsx uses a push type, as have essentially all the Internationals.

...And as have the Shimano TTS, Tiagras, some Fin-Nors both old and new, some Everols, and more.
Some reels have also used a push system with the drag on the right.

The so-called pull system as is now common, appeared with the Shimano TLD in ca 1986. Everybody else just copied it.


 on: Today at 12:52:49 AM 
Started by FatTuna - Last post by mhc
Good trip report and photos, thanks for posting. It must have been hard to leave a lot of those great locations behind.

 on: Today at 12:04:46 AM 
Started by Big Tim - Last post by Shark Hunter
You are Lucky this Time Big T.
No wonder you are a Tackle Ho when you forget your Junk. Wink

 on: May 26, 2017, 11:57:51 PM 
Started by gstours - Last post by Shark Hunter
Goldfisher! Grin

 on: May 26, 2017, 11:42:07 PM 
Started by FatTuna - Last post by Shark Hunter
There is Nothing wrong with being Frugal.
I can relate.
My plushy condo costs me $150 a night.
I'm going again in September, but I'm staying at the days inn for $50 a night, not 200 yards from that condo.
Priceline can save you some serious cash. They are by far, the best. They will blow everyone out of the water if you want a deal on a hotel.
I'm just going to have to settle for a Queen bed instead of a King. Wink
You didn't miss anything. The June Sea Grass came in May this year.
We had two good days after that storm, then the beach was unfishable again.
It dragged my 14/0 from 500 yards out with a 1 lb spider weight and a slab of Stingray all the way back to shore.
The Grass was from Pensacola to Panama City, so there was no way getting away from it.
I would still wade way out there on the bar past it and cast lures, but no fish. I tried every day. Then would try Shrimp for any other takers.
Pompano, Whiting, Ladyfish, Bluefish, I didn't catch anything but a buzz.
Come back to shore when my arm got tired and chilled in my Beach Chair with some cold ones.
Gather Shells with my Wife and Son. Good Times.
Fish or No fish, It was a Very relaxing trip for me. I was Just glad to fishing in the Gulf Again. I love that Place. The White Sand, Friendly People, Good Food, and the anticipation of waiting for that clicker to go off. It soothes my soul if it happens or not. I was in my Element that I wait for all year. Prepared, Relaxed, waiting for my shot.
Grilled out some Choice Ribeyes and Baked Potatoes at the condo after the Sun went Down.
Jaws is out there, we just haven't hooked up yet. Roll Eyes
PS: I couldn't have Shark Fished without my wing man. Robin. Kudos my Brother. Wink

 on: May 26, 2017, 10:27:54 PM 
Started by Big Tim - Last post by swill88
So many times these days you get something stolen, you misplace a rod or what ever ...It's nice to know you can go fishing, forget a rod & reel set up and get taken care of ...Thank you Morro Bay Landing:

Tim, here's to good news & good luck. We can only smile when these things happen. I'm still lookin for that letter my buddy sent me with 2 benjamins. It WAS here, but it's not here no longer... ohhh.


 on: May 26, 2017, 09:57:52 PM 
Started by alantani - Last post by alantani
i did indeed!  been there, too!  if memory serves, on one trip, we spend the first two hard days on the old qualifier 105, running flat out to alijos, only to find the water cold and lifeless.  we left after one hour.  we struggled at the ridge and ended up catching most of our fish at cedros.  it was a very tough 10 day trip. 

everything for this trip is up in the air.  cedros is not guaranteed.  guadalupe is not guaranteed.  open water blue fin is not guaranteed.  what to do on a 5 day?  and even on a 7 day, if you don't have a reliable report, do you run two days to the ridge or go for broke and go to alijos?  maybe it's like driving a 4wd vehicle - you just get farther out before you get stuck!

well, these guys will do well!  i have alot of confidence in mike keating.  if there are fish out there to be found, mike will find them!

 on: May 26, 2017, 09:54:02 PM 
Started by Big Tim - Last post by Big Tim
So many times these days you get something stolen, you misplace a rod or what ever ...It's nice to know you can go fishing, forget a rod & reel set up and get taken care of ...Thank you Morro Bay Landing:

 on: May 26, 2017, 09:35:38 PM 
Started by alantani - Last post by SoCalAngler
It's funny how things change.

Alan didn't you say this in Alia's thread when I said the rocks were a option on a 7 day trip?

"alijos on a 7 day is just brutal.  so much run time and so little fishing.  worst case scenario, cedros is closed, you don't have a guadalupe permit, bluefin on the way up and back have lockjaw, and the water at alijos is upside down at the rocks.  this san diego stuff is getting really tough.  Undecided

I understand it is kind of tough when you chartermaster a trip.

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