Shakespeare Hurricane reels

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Does anybody know about these reels. I can't find anything
on the net about them, I know that they are made overseas.
But there is no listing that i could find.They look to be nice.
All billet alum 2sp lever drag in silver finish. from 15W to 80W

can you get us a link?  this is the only one that i was able to find. 

Hello Alan, this is the only thing that i have on them. I will email
it to you.I cant figger out how to insert them here.

you know, these look an awful lot like those taiwanese knock off reels.  i don't think i'd bite on this one until i'd had a chance to crack one open.  alan

I passed on it even tho the price was really good. $148.00
I will keep looking for a Penn Int. 20 for a good price.
I am also lookin for an old Penn Int 50S.i like the narrow reels.
I got a great deal on that Int.30T 2 spd even tho it needed
a little TLC to bring it back to life. where on your site do i find
that bearing shield remove article ?


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