Titanium and stainless parts for Penn reels and others

Started by Three se7ens, September 15, 2014, 01:10:40 AM

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Three se7ens

I will keep a running list of all the parts I have available here along with current prices.  

All stainless parts are made from 316L grade stainless, which is more resistant to corrosion from salt water than other grades.

All titanium parts are made from grade 5 Ti6al-4v titanium.  Its impervious to corrosion from salt water, and is significantly stronger than the stainless used in my other parts.  

Handle arms:

#1 - offset handle
#2 - curved handle
#3 - Sal's handle
#4 - balanced handle

Here are the 4 different styles of handles I offer.  All are 316L stainless, and select styles are available in titanium as well.  The Jigmaster sized handles are available with a 3/16" or 6mm hole for the knob.  Anything bigger adds the option of 5/16" as well. 

More specifics can be found here for the following:
offset handles
titanium handles

#1 - Newell style star
#2 - Thin Straight star
#3 - Sal's Star
#4 - Ocean City style star

Here are the 4 styles of drag stars I have available.  The stainless drag stars are available to fit the Jigmaster/112/etc in fine or coarse thread, the 113H, and Newell 200-600 series reels.  The titanium stars are only available in fine thread Jigmaster/112/etc, 113H, and Newell 200-600 series.  Newell stars come with a keyed spacer to go under the star.

Three se7ens

I also have insert drag kits for much of the Penn Senator line, and select Daiwa reels.  These kits key the carbon fiber drag washers to the main gear, while the metal washers are keyed to the gear sleeve.  This configuration utilizes both sides of each drag washer as a friction surface, resulting in a significant increase in drag performance.  The maximum drag will be much higher than the original drag configuration, but more importantly, the drag will offer very smooth performance even at heavy drag settings. 

Some extra info can be found in the following threads, and more can be found with a little searching.


Current pricing is as follows:

113H - $42
114H/115 - 49
116/116A - $54
117/118 - $56

These are usually made in batches.  Sometimes stock is available after a batch has been completed, but once Im out, thats it until the next batch is run.  I will post a sign up sheet when Im getting ready to produce a batch.