Tica Sportera anti-reverse probs and other stuff

Started by zerofish, March 23, 2015, 07:39:36 AM

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Since I was not going for fishing on the previous weekend I decided to service my Shimano Saros 3000F reel.

Everything was going a planned until I took the 2 plates of the body for washing. Wanting to make things easier I didn't detach all the anti-reverse components (Cam, Lever ect). So there I was on the bathroom sink washing the right plate like a boss. Suddenly the anti-reverse cam ring witch I thought was securely placed on the cam pin came off and fell down the drain!!!

I was like OOOOMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

I had to detach the whole siphon and spend the next 2 hours looking for this 2mm metal part in the smelly and muddy water.

Not only that but the screw that is holding the whole siphon under the sink was completely rusted and broke to a zillion pieces while I was unscrewing it!!!

Fortunately I found the part within a wife's tuft of hair that was tangled in the siphon.

Now I will have to buy new a siphon AND maybe call a plumber to fix it.  

As we say in Greece my #### was still itching so I decided to service my Tica Sportera 4507SR baitrunner because the anti-reverse cam was not working.

MAN that reel has parts!!! MANY PARTS. Took a long breath and started cleaning them until I discovered that the rear brake washers are probably carbon!!! And I don't have any Cal's grease because I don't have carbon washers in none of my other reels...

I'm not completely sure if they are carbon washers so I sent an email to Tica USA and waiting for an answer. And while I'm waiting I'm forgetting how I dismantled the reel. Good thing I take pictures of every step during the service of my reels...

If they are carbon washers indeed I'll just use them without any lubrication until I order some Cal's grease.

About the anti-reverse problem now...Last time I opened the reel and think I did a mistake and use plyers for mounting the anti-reverse spring instead of tweezers and I think it affected the tension of the spring.  

Last fishing trip I used the reel (about a month ago) the anti-reverse was not working and the ant-reverse lever feels really loose.

Is there any solution? Any ideas?


send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!


My success with spinners has only been with the Okuma Coronado CD65 and CD90--both baitrunners. The CD65 was dunked in sand at Solmar, Cabo, Mex, so complete breakdown and rebuild was the only option. The CD90 had corrosion issues; was rebuilt after the CD65 was successfully restored.

So I'm looking here:

Is the Tica completely apart or is it partially still assembled? If the rotor is off and the body is still in "one" piece, you can experiment.

Flip the anti-reverse lever into engage position and see if the anti-reverse unit (Part 42) moves counter clockwise, if it doesn't then you need to examine Parts 52-54 for a possible issue. If the anti-reverse unit moves but the anti-reverse doesn't engage then you need to examine Parts 43-47 for a possible issue.

Shark Hunter

Holy Cow! Zerofish.
That is a funny story! :D
Hopefully you will figure this out so you #### will stop itching. ;D
There is only one guy here besides Porthos, that can show you the way. His name is Fred. ;)
Life is Good!


Thank you for the support Shark Hunter heh....

Porthos the reel is completely apart.

I had a conversation about this with a friend of mine. He is not into fishing but into biking and he told me that today's bicycles use a lot of carbon parts so some of the lubes they use don't affect them.

I went to the local bike repair center and the guy there gave me a small amount of a Shimano flashy yellow grease that they use.

I'll use it only for the drag washers.

Fingers crossed...I am starting to assembly the reel. When I'll reach the anti reverse we'll talk again.

Thank you all.

Bryan Young

From what I recall, that yellow grease is lithium based.
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


The reel is lubed, ready and in perfect shape BUT....while I was trying to mount the anti-reverse lever, the cam just broke with the minimum pressure on the screw.

Last week I sent an email on Tica to ask them if the rear brakes are carbon or not. I even sent them a message on their facebook page. I had no reply whatsoever.

This is most frustrating and it supports my preference on the Shimano reels. You can find parts almost everywhere and especially you don't have to disassemble the whole anti reverse in order to service the reel...

Today I'll give a call to the Greek Tica dealer to see if I can find the part...Fingers crossed...

PS Someone must have given me the evil eye or something...


Looked on eBay, and there are NO cheap used units available as a part source. Hope TICA responds to you.

IMHO, the nature of the rear drag is not the critical...it's the bait teaser drag...2lbs max.


Found the parts at a local store. Installed them and the reel is as good as new!!!

3 more reels for the bench. Summer season is coming!!!