309 surprise

Started by Shellbelly, March 13, 2023, 05:22:09 PM

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I discovered this when I recently cleaned one of my 309s.  The eccentric lever is a 21-130.  I found this before on another one and considered it a one-off.  Now that another has popped up, I think it's possible that the factory may have easily mistaken the two.  The thing is, I've been through this reel so many times over a dozen years.  Never paid attention to that part #...just cleaned it up and moved along. 

As you can see, the differences are barely discernable.  The bends on this 21-309 aren't quite as pronounced as on the 21-130.

Anyway, the 130 part isn't made anymore and I "need" all the shiny 130 parts I can get my hands on as restoration goes on and on.

Now, I'm going to pay attention to stuff a little better.   
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