Penn 113HN/US113 Senator Bridge Assembly

Started by Cortez_Conversions, November 13, 2016, 06:21:33 PM

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You might get a clamp while you're at it. Much better than the stock one and nice to hook a jig to
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I know I am late to the party on these, but I ripped the post off the bridge for one of my dogs and chewed the spring through the racthet from the other one cranking in a 206 lb halibut.  Are these going to be available again any time?  I have 2 bajas that I love to use on big halibut in alaska, so I would really like this upgrade on both.

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Yes, they will be available again in a couple weeks. I'm swamped, as usual, and I'm heading to Cedros all next week. So probably the first or second week of August.
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Available now :) super fast shipping to Florida. Faster than I get stuff from in state suppliers:)

Very nice looking part! Thanks.

Now if there were two speed side plates, lol......