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I know some people that could "persuade" him..!!
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I would happily buy it and return it to Tom. He has done so much and been a stand up guy to me that it would be an honor.
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Quote from: Cortez_Conversions on November 15, 2022, 10:52:52 PMAll right All,
So here's the scoop.
Today I was contacted by someone who said they bought a reel on ebay sometime in 2018(the reel was stolen in 2017). Saying it was too pretty to fish, they turned it into a shelf queen and forgot about it. Fast forward 4 years, they became quizzical and started researching the reel. Lo and behold, they come across this thread and wonder, golly gee, could that be what I bought.
They sent me pics, and I confirmed to them that yes, they are indeed in possession of my stolen property. I ask who they bought it from and they provided a very redacted ebay sales order showing only the seller's name. 15 minutes with Ebay fraud, I now have the seller's and buyer's information. I've given the this person the option to keep the frame and spool (Ice Blue Tib N454) and just send me back my plates and internals. No dice, this one is obviously fishing for funds. So now, in my eyes, this person is nothing more that a common thief.

Please keep an eye out as I'm sure this person is going to try and part out and sell this stuff. Hopefully I can pay a visit before they do.

Start looking over your shoulder you thief, that bump in the night just might be me!
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I believe that the Statute of Limitations has expired, in California. That is probably why the reel surfaced years later.


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Well, not to rub salt in the wound, here.
But seeing how, somebody else already bumped it! Did this slimy situation ever get resolved? I won't go on a rant, as I don't want to get myself in trouble



Quote from: Cortez_Conversions on November 17, 2022, 01:55:22 PMWhile the statute of limitations has long run out on the original theft, I'm going to pursue a new police report since this person has sent me pics of the reel in their possession and acknowledged they are not going to return it unless it's "mutually agreeable".

It was fairly easy to find the persons identity, and as much as I want to put them on blast, I can't. I will say, you know who this person is.

Please keep your eyes open for this reel in parts. Let's make sure this person has to sit on it for another 5 years.

Since the Statute of Limitations has expired, I would be extremely careful, regarding this guy. He could file "harrassment" charges and, possibly, Slander, Libel, and Defamation litigation, if you publicly accuse him of anything, or others do so, on your behalf . . . If you, physically, "get in his face", you might find yourself in handcuffs, or worse. Remember, the Statute of Limitations has expired and you were fully reimbursed by the shop. You could be opening yourself up to criminal charges, civil liability and, possibly, more.

Frankly, with the above in mind, he has no legal obligation to you, whatsoever . . . Tread lightly !

If he sells it, I suspect that it will "quietly" go to a Japanese "collector". They pay top dollar and rarely ask questions, publicly.

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Quote from: Benni3 on November 16, 2022, 02:44:19 AMIt did take alot of time for it to pop up,,,,,, :( but ebay should refund the buyers money if he returns it to you,,,,, ;)  if not ebay should get in trouble for selling stolen property,,,, :D if not I think every member here should send ebay a complaint about this with numbers there is strength,,,,,, ;D

The Statute of Limitations has expired . . . The maker of the item was fully reimbursed by the store . . . You can't "double-dip" and, both, get the item back and keep the money you were reimbursed.

Frankly, the store "owned" the reel, as soon as they paid full reimbursement to Tom. Therfor, the shop should be the one pursuing this matter, if they are so inclined.

This is a "minefield" of possible criminal charges and civil litigation, since Tom was fully compensated. The guy who has the reel, now, is probably fully aware of this and just waiting for an opportunity to "drop the hammer", if he gets the chance.

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In a "perfect world" . . .

(1) The police would catch the guy who stole the reel from the store ( but the Statute of Limitations has expired ) and receive whatever punishment he deserves ( which would be none. due to the expiration).

(2) The Seller on eBay would resolve the issue with eBay. ( The Seller might not be the thief )

(3) eBay would give a full refund to the Buyer,

(4) Tom would reimburse the store the full amount that the store reimbursed him for the reel.

(5) The eBay Buyer would return the reel to Tom.

Problem solved . . . But, how likely do you think, 7 years later, that all of that would actually occur ?

I am not confident in all of that happening, are you ?

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I know it sucks Tom but I'd let it go.


Buy it nice or buy it twice.


The reel, parts, actually, is still in the hands of a thief and wannbe scam artist.
It has been parted out and I'm sure everything but the Ice Blue plates have been sold.

This is an old issue that I have no intention of pursuing or wasting time on Alan's platform with. Karma will catch up with this two bit scammer.
Keep your eyes open, those plates will resurface at some point. I'm sure that lil wannabe is still looking to stroke his ego by making the sale.
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