Daiwa Saltiga HK 50 Original blue spool circa 2012

Started by Busanga, March 27, 2023, 03:19:54 AM

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Do you know what drag is in this reel originally. i have mine from brand new used only once and has sat in cupboard since then.

i serviced it other day to start using it and saw the drag washers are a smooth black carbon. almost look like plastic discs, cant discern any texture on them.

any idea what they are and do you supply carbontex washers for this reel (is the original with the 5+1 washers)

Also i live in Ghana, West Africa (Kamal Harris just landed here today in Airforce One, big excitement :) ). Would you be able to post them to me.

If i had thought about it in time i would have asked Kamal to bring them out to me   :)


Hey Busanga, welcome to the Forum!
I thought it was "Kamala"?
Can you post pictures of the drag washers?
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Quote from: Gfish on March 27, 2023, 02:16:02 PMHey Busanga, welcome to the Forum!
I thought it was "Kamala"?
Can you post pictures of the drag washers?
Thanks for the welcome !. have been lurking here awhile.

yes it is kamala think i was having trouble with the a key :)

will get some pics up asap. These are the original drags that came with the reel new.

Also i have to wind the star all the way down to get it to get a decent drag, 80% of the wind is pretty feeble drag. everything is as new in the reel and apart from wiping the drag (not degreasing them, just giving a wipe) nothing has changed.

i really dont remeber if that was how it always was, i do remeber that the star drag had to be turned quite alot from fully unwound ,  to start engaging, but i never wound it all way down. like i say, havent used the reel and it sat in cupboard, with drag wound fully out, for years, i always store my reels with drag unwound)