Shimano Stradic FL

Started by Fishinmagician, March 13, 2023, 03:48:27 AM

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 Saved my allowance and scoured the web fer the best price and finally pulled the trigger on the Stradic.

Long story short:  Anyway I am lookin fer recommendations as to agood place to send it for repair. 

Long Story:
 Was buildin a fishin rod utilizing the Fuji KR system, which as i understand it, is built for one reel.  Had the reel seat installed, guides taped on and was gettin ready to hit the to river bank to fish fer sum King ( native American friend hates it when I call em Kings, sez they are Chinook) salmon.  Had all my tackle n bait loaded up when I had this genius (not!  20:10 hindsight...) why not take the new rod along fer a coupla casts.

Well, it was of course pitch dark when I excitedly stepped outta the rv and headed towards the car.  In my haste I forgot about the fire ring that was straight out from the door. Anywho, i tripped over a brick, fell forward and instinctively protected the rod but the reel glanced off the brick.  It appears that I bent the main shift.

I am wondering if it would make sense to repair it or just keep for parts and begin saving for a new reel.

Also how would i find out if the shaft is interchangeable with any other shimano reels?

Sadly, I never got a chance to use the darn thing, do I now have a $190 paperweight?

Thanx in advance fer any advice or wisdom

Take care n stay safe


lots of info, but no size  ::)   guessing STC4000/5000XGFL (double-check exact model )
shaft seems cheap enough & easy to replace, if that's all you damaged

if you get one, might as well grab a spare line-roller bearing RD13269 in same shipment
(usually 1st part to die from normal use, esp. in SW)


Isn't the FL still the current model. I have a 4000 FI I got brand new for $60 after it sat in the back room at a Sport Chalet for couple of years after having been a display model.
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Based on my experience since coming to this site, I would forego the newer reels in favor of older pre-1980's stuff that's out there. That is, if you can't fix the Stratic.

I had a FJ 8000 and I still have a FJ 3000. Great design/function, but too many parts and too many of those are fragile plastic-type parts. Definitely will have line roller issues if used in Saltwater.

DAM Quicks, Zebco Cardinals, Older Penn Spinfishers, etc., etc. You could buy 2 good-great condition used reels for that kinda $.
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