Chili with a ghost pepper

Started by Benni3, November 08, 2020, 12:18:31 AM

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Me and girlfriend made chill,,,,,, ;) but with out ghost peppers there hot with no flavor,,,,, ??? 6 cayanne peppers kicks the flavor,,,,don't know what kind of onion she got or beans,,,,,but that's ok i added 1 can of pinto's,,,,, ;D


It's cooking now,,,,,, :-\


That looks good, Benni!  Wife, and I, and our son, started "squeezing cider', this morning, it's been a drizzley day, and with juice splashing, and lots of "apple washing"...I'm soaked, and a bowl of that Chili would sure hit the spot!!
There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and name just a few !