South Bend 925 Bail Bracket Spring

Started by TonyM, February 07, 2021, 04:16:51 AM

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I am re posting this since it appears that my original post was removed when the system was being updated.

I am updating this post to include some additional information as well as pictures of the spring.

I am looking for a Bail Bracket Spring which is part #SPA6 for a South Bend 926 Spinning reel.  I managed to get some measurement's off of the old spring. 

Inside Diameter in inches is 27/100
Outside Diameter in inches is 11/32
Spring Thickness is .0255.

While it is hard to see in the attached pictures, the spring has two tails.  The tail that attaches to the Trip Bracket is supposed to have a curve to it so that it goes through the bracket and turns back on itself and sits in a groove in the bracket.  The problem is that the tip of the spring has broken off so that the spring no longer will stay engaged with the bracket.

If someone know were I can obtain a replacement spring without purchasing a reel for parts I would appreciate any help or direction you can give me.


With those specs and photos — I can check the SB parts bin tomorrow mid-morning.

Best, Fred
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Thank You very much.  Really appreciate it.

This is really my first time posting even thought I have been a member for a short while.  I have lurked for some time, but really am learning more than anything.