Abu garcia cardinal-855

Started by Donnyboat, February 10, 2021, 02:08:59 PM

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Hi All hope your all staying covid free & catch a few fish, My question is, reel as above 855-foot68-0

for this reel I am after the 3 plate screws & the two screws that hold the drag knobs on. the plate screws are a very fine thread, about 2.5mm thick & 1cm long, or 0.098th thich 51/128 long, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat


Going by the rikes reel repare schematics, it is cover screws 3 part No30
& the 2 drag cover screws are No 76
if anyone has any or can suggest were I can get them, it would be much appreciated, cheers Don.
that is foot number 86-0
Don, or donnyboat



eR has 76 (#17890), but not 30 (#17803)...  use actual part numbers to search!!!
$3/per + multiple S/H seems like getting screwed  :o  

check w/ jdltreasures -- they have main gears, CHEAP!!!  get one of those, too, if they also have the screws:


Thanks Phil, will try to send treasures a message, keep well, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat


After much searching,  to cut a long story short, I managed to get some hex head screws for this reel, after installing them, I must say they look very neat, so I now have a surplice of these screws.
     If any one needs some, just tell me what length, & I will send the @ know cost, cheers Don.
    there is also two screws on the out side of the drag adjustment, that I could not get, so managed to polish the original screw, they look great now.
Don, or donnyboat