Who know their brown Cardinal 4Xs?

Started by PacRat, March 29, 2021, 08:07:57 PM

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I've had a need for a little more speed on my green Cardinal 4. I got tired of hunting for a 4X and since I had a few green 4s; I decided to attempt to convert one of them to a 4X. It seemed like it would be a straight forward gear swap. Here's my dilemma...I have what I believe to be a 7041 main gear. The OD  and thickness of this gear is smaller than a main gear from a green Cardinal 4. The schematics say that the brown 4X do use this 7041 main gear.
I also have a 15835 pinion gear which I purchased and is supposed to fit a 4X but the schematic shows a 7043 as being correct.
I would like to confirm that my 7041 main gear is correct before attempting to source a compatible 7043 pinion gear (which I'm afraid may be difficult to come by). The 7041 4X main gear that I have measures 0.121" thick and 0.947" Diameter...can anyone confirm that this a 7041 for certain?
Thank you in advance

Midway Tommy


Your 15835 pinion gear is for the black ABU Garcia Skirted spool 4X.

Zebco never sold a 4X model, green or tan. A similar green ABU version started out as the 44 Express, then became the 44X & when the tan & bronze version came out it was called the 4X. A 7041 main gear and 7043 pinion gear are correct for the green & tan 4X versions.
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Thank you Tommy,
Now I just need to hunt down a 7043 pinion. I've seen a few vendors that list the 7043 as 'no longer available'.