Daiwa Ventura 60 - down, but not out...

Started by redsetta, January 29, 2012, 05:01:43 AM

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G'day and welcome Robert.
In a word, nothing - the CF is simply pressed between the rotating spool and the 'fixed' drag plate (like the old TLD5, 10 or 15).
I considered gluing the CF to the spool or notching a groove in the lip of the spool for a spring clip but, having tested exhaustively and fished the reel, don't believe drag performance would be significantly improved by either.
That said, if I were redesigning the reel from scratch, a tabbed CF washer on either side (as per an Accurate TwinDrag) would doubtless be preferable.
Cheers, Justin
PS Probably worth bearing in mind that I'm no expert, just an enthusiast... ;) ;D
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Robert Janssen

Okay. If it works for you.

Just wondering; never seen that solution before. This including TLDs and the rest of them, which usually do have tabs or a screw-down ring clamping the disc non-rotatably to the spool to guarantee that the drag washer is in fact sliding against the drag plate and not the spool.

There seem to be four handy threaded holes in the spool that nobody is using..

On the other hand, it will inevitably choose to slide on the surface providing the lesser resistance, so why bother.



Thanks Robert - I hadn't thought about the cooling shield locking down the CF plate on TLDs etc.
I considered screwing it down as you've suggested, but was concerned about the drag plate touching the screw heads when under load.
I'll have another look at it tonight, as I have some countersunk screws which might suit.
If I can get the appropriate clearances, I'll do as you suggest (Dominick also had similar advice).
Cheers, Justin
QuoteOn the other hand, it will inevitably choose to slide on the surface providing the lesser resistance, so why bother.
My initial thoughts entirely... ;) ;D
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Hi Guys, Lost my way with adding the photos so Justin (redsetta) advised uploading to Photobucket. Had a go and hope you can all see them, let me know of any problems and I will have another go.  :-[

("Nice to see someone taking care of an old Diawa Ventura, looks like you have done a grand job. I was a little put back with your statements regarding the drag, my Ventura is very smooth at all settings and when you need it to lock up tight, it will clamp solid (150lb Skate). I bought mine in the early 1970's, I had a friend make a leather case for the wooden box so this has remained in good condition. There are a few light scratches near the top due to a person trying to attach a fighting harness to me and the reel when I hooked into a 100lb Porbeagle, I kept telling hime to keep back but he insisted I put his harness on. I eventually got my friend to move him away but he had caused the scratches that I have to live with now. The Reel handled it perfectly with its smooth lever drag, it is infinetly adjustable with the micro drag knob on top of the lever, this allows you to compensate for different conditions.
I have included some photos, hope they spur you on with your Ventura 60).

Use the link below to access the folder:


Backlash's photos:

Now that is a beauty!
Yours has obviously been well loved, whereas mine had taken a hammering - which likely accounts for the drag issues (ie glazed, pitted etc)
Thanks for sharing - it's the only other Ventura I've seen and really is a cracker.
Cheers, Justin
PS Welcome aboard!
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That is quite a treasure you have there; reel, box and all.
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Alto Mare

Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.


Hey folks I found this thread looking for some info on these reels.  I've been given the opportunity to get these setup and fish them up and down the east coast of the US this summer/fall.  I've got a 40 and a 60 and they are in great shape but were stored for years and the drags are sticky.   Does anyone have anything to add to what the OP has found?  I know this is an old thread but redsetta if you are still here I would love to hear any advice.  Thanks for having me. 



G'day and welcome finstinct,
Happy to assist in any way that'd be of service.
When you open 'em up, perhaps take some photos of the drag plates for us to have a look at.
Though my old battler had terminal drag issues, Backlash had personal experience of them working well in their original form - which indicates it might be a relatively easy fix for yours.
All the best, Justin
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Thank you redsetta....  So here they are.


The current drag material is just about 3mm thick.  In my mind the easiest way to do this would be to create identical washers out of CF and glue them in where the current material were screwed down.  When you did this originally, you went in another direction which is slightly more complicated.  Does anyone see any potential reasons not to do this the "easy" way?  

The thickness of the current drag material would force me to laminate 3 layers of 1mm material (thickest I can find) so I'm a little worried that this process would create something too thick above the 3mm. UPDATE:  I did find 1.5mm material so I would still need to laminate 2 washers together.   As someone suggested earlier to save CF why not make a SS washer to shim and mount the CF to the washer?  I don't think using the current threaded holes and countersunk screws would work with CF so I see why you didn't go down that road.

I don't have access to a machine shop so anything complicated would have to be contracted out.  But I am open to doing so to get these right.  

If you had to do this all over again which direction would you go?

Anybody have a trusted  source of CF sheets in the US?  These are 3" in diameter so some of the sheets that I've seen available would only yield one washer per sheet.