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Started by KippN it REEL, May 23, 2022, 02:28:25 AM

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KippN it REEL

Fishing reel repair.

Full service cleaning - Complete disassembly. All parts cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner. All parts inspected and replaced if necessary. Cals drag grease used on drag washers. Mobil synthetic grease used on gears, screw threads, all moving and metal parts, etc. Bearing oil used on bearings and bushings. Reel reassembled and wiped clean with anti-corrosion spray. Price starts at $40 plus parts.

Quick cleaning - quick disasembly of reel(removal of side plates, spool, etc). Reel wiped clean of old grease, dirt, sand. Regreased and oiled using cals drag grease and mobil synthetic grease. Reel reassembled and wiped clean with anti corrosion spray. Price - $20

Reel repairs/modifications - price reflects the type of repair/modification. Some can be done during cleaning. Some modifications I avoid(affects quality/performance of reel). Price - starts at $20 plus parts

Polishing - reels buffed with bench mounted buffer. Small parts are hand polished. Price - add $20 to full service cleaning.

Bring those vintage and heirloom reels out of storage and give them new life. Ill do my best to locate parts for restoration.

Ill do my best to get reels back to you asap. I dont normally stock parts, so turn around time may vary.

Shipping is possible. Reels usually ship for about $20 round trip depending on size. Im located in manorville, ny.

Cash or paypal only. Message me for any details. 5i6 297 O459

All profits go to my sons boat fund(he's 6 months old!), so support a future fisherman.

Thanks for looking.