Services for Tim Liddle

Started by alantani, November 07, 2022, 07:37:21 PM

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here's a good one!

send me an email at for questions!


It was a beautiful memorial and heard many great stories today.

For a bunch of fishing pirates we clean up ok!


good looking crew... thanks for showing up to represent the Ohana!
My warmest regards to the Liddle family.

Shark Hunter

Thanks for Representing. Tim was a Good Man. :al
Life is Good!


Leave the gun.  Take the cannolis.

There are two things I don't like about fishing.  Getting up early in the morning and boats.  The rest of it is fun.


great guy, and he really loved this place.  his oldest son, johnny, said that tim talked about it constantly.....
send me an email at for questions!



still miss this guy......
send me an email at for questions!


Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
Mark Twain


Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!

Ron Jones

No doubt. Hard to think about.
Ronald Jones
To those who have gone to sea and returned and to those who have gone to sea and will never return


When I was your age Pluto was a planet!

Shark Hunter

I Never even Met the Man, but I could tell he had a Big Heart.
We Miss You Big T!
Life is Good!


Gee not good loosing good members, best wishes to his family, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat


RIP Big Tim... Like Big D said, "Never met the man", but can see he was one of us.
Miss a bunch of these guys, RIP Big T.