Are Shimano Triton Mark III/IV drag washers same as Penn 113H ones?

Started by pesho102, December 05, 2022, 04:05:01 AM

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Could someone confirm I can replace the original Mark III/IV friction drag washers with those for Penn 113H (part # 6-113 HT-100)? If yes, any suggestions what I could use as for under the gear spacer? I know sets are available but I am looking for 3 sets and a reasonable price. Thanks!

Bryan Young

Measure the drag washers and compare them to the drag washer size links for Penn and SmoothDrag at
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"Penn 113H (part # 6-113 HT-100)"...those are what I used. I don't remember what I used under the gear though. Those are great reels.


Hey Folks,

 Just got my hands on the Triton lll model, and it is neat to see a 4/0 drag assembly on a 300 size reel. But sorry Bryan, I coppied your geniuse and bought another set of titanium drag washers and had all six ground down to the needed size to make up a 5 stack drag assembly. It seemed to me, like the thing to do since aftermarket parts are limited for this product line and Lord knows, the safe needs another reel....

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