Cardinal 4 Dates?

Started by jgp12000, December 13, 2022, 01:05:28 PM

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I just got my 1st Cardinal 4 after getting my 1st C3 got me hooked.The photo was 6M so thought I would just post it so we can all learn.My C3 is s/n 800900 in line with the "Product of Sweden".The C4 s/n 087100 is upside down and the 8 appears to be right side up? Anywho,it is as slick as the C3.I was just curious the dating of these great reels.Also,what's a good rod match for the C4?



Thank you Tom for the history on these
Great reels,if they could only talk...

Midway Tommy

ABU started using the six digit foot numbering system in 1965. Originally the first two digits indicated the month of production, the second two digits indicated the year and the final two digits indicated the variation/batch. The variation/batch number was used to identify any part changes, most of which were generally minor. In mid/late 1971 the six digit numbering system was revised. Prior to the revision the first digit in the sixties was a 0, so, March 1968 would be 030800, depending on the variation. After that revision the first two digits indicated the year and the second two digits indicated the month, so, November 1971 would be 711100, again depending on the variation or batch.

Your Cardinal 4 body was manufactured in Aug 1971, apparently just prior to the date code revision. Your Cardinal 3 body was manufactured in Sept 1980. One caveat to add here is that sometimes a person will come across a Cardinal body that has no six digit number on the bottom of the foot. That indicates that the reel has had its body replaced by an ABU issued replacement part. Replacement bodies did not have a six digit number on the bottom.

With regard to rod sizes for the Cardinal 4, it all comes down to personal preference and intended use. All my fishing is done in fresh water so my personal preference is graphite, as close to 100% as I can get. I have three or four earlier 95-98% graphite rods but all my newer rods are 100% high modulus graphite. I haven't fished with a fiberglass rod, other than a fly rod, since 1984. As far as weight, length and action, again, it all boils down to intended use and personal preference. I never use a rod holder while boat fishing so I prefer 5'-8" to 6'-6" lengths. I have three weight preferences for my Cardinal 4s, 1/8-5/8 oz 4-10# line, 1/8-3/4 oz 6-12# line and 1/4-1 oz 8-17# line. I exclusively use Trilene clear mono in either 6# on all my Cardinal 3s and 8# on all my Cardinsl 4s. Given that I use only mono I prefer a fast or extra fast action on my rods. I'm not a fan of medium or slow actions on a spinning rod, but then that's just my preferences.
Love those open face spinning reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco Cardinals)

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