Roddy fishing equipment at BJ's Discount Club

Started by CincyDavid, March 02, 2023, 12:29:40 AM

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BJ's is selling generic Asian import rod and reel combos with signage that reads Roddy.  Obviously the only connection with the old company is the brand name which someone bought and revived along the way. Handling them reminded me why I like old metal reels so much.


There are a few other old time companies that see their names on newer stuff like these Roddys.  Ocean City (or OceanCity) comes to mind, as I picked up a rod with that name earlier this year that is probably way too new to be an "old" Ocean City.



I do wonder how much brand equity is even there decades after the "real" company evaporated.


Enough brand equity that companies pay $$$$$ for the rights to a name. - john