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Started by Shark Hunter, April 30, 2023, 01:24:07 AM

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Shark Hunter

Does this reel really exist?
6 or 7 years ago, I was marking them off my list. All The ss spinners.
I have yet to find a 440 that doesn't have a graphite frame.
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I've been hunting too. Nada.


Quote from: Shark Hunter on April 30, 2023, 01:24:07 AMDoes this reel really exist?
6 or 7 years ago, I was marking them off my list. All The ss spinners.
I have yet to find a 440 that doesn't have a graphite frame.

I do not believe any exist, Daron —-

Penn was under deadlines to get out their annual catalog back in the late 80's —- and listed the 440SS as available.

Focus and ideas shifted to the new upcoming graphite bodied reels.

The 440SS was the first of the SS line to be offered in graphite.

About 8 years ago, Sue and I took a no-reservation 9000+ mile road trip around the country.  One of the highlights of that trip (and my life) was Tony's gracious invitation for a personal tour of the Penn Manufacturing plant in Philadelphia.

We spent 3 hours going through the entire operation.  It was above fascinating.  Thank You, Tony!

I asked Tony about the 440SS.  Was there ever an aluminum model?

Tony said that there wasn't —- but if one ever surfaced, he would like photos of it (stranger things have happened with Penn, Tony stated).

I do not believe there are any.

Penn was looking to graphite production —- and if you look at the ultralight offerings already produced and successfully in place —- 420SS, 430SS —- then step up to the 550SS, 650SS, 750SS, etc. —- there was likely no need, or a limited market for the 440SS.

So it became the perfect reel to make the first transition to graphite bodied Penn spinners.

We get focused on many ideas in our minds.  The need for all aluminum-bodied reels to fill out our collections, etc..

The US Made 440SS is a tough reel.  It's a Penn, after all.  In a lighter weight package —- utilizing all of the solid parts of an all aluminum SS reel.

For me, I would suggest getting a US 440SS to complete the lineup —- and just know that this was an evolutionary step in Penn's history.

This 440SS is nearly identical to the next generation of 4400SS reels, in graphite.

I am not an expert —- this is just what a I have researched over the years —- having the same question as you and others, Daron.  So, of course, my information could be incorrect.  But until proven wrong — this sort of makes sense.

Best, Fred
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Shark Hunter

Makes sense to me as well.
There is a picture of one on mystic parts website.
It must be photo shopped.
[attach id=124438]pen440ss.jpg
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I stumbled onto this older thread and thought you all might be able to answer a question on the 440SS.

I believe that this was Penn's first graphite reel in this lineup.  Did the 440SS replace an existing 700 series reel in line class, etc. or, was it a new reel to slot in between the 430SS and the 450SS? 

I'm curious what the target market/fish was for this reel or any history you could provide.


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Quote from: ourford on September 15, 2023, 08:51:39 PMHere's some info on the SS reels courtesy of our friends at Mystic parts,

Thank you for that information.  It did help answer my questions.  From the various threads this reel seems to be a bit of an enigma. 

Anyone here fish with one? 
What was the best thing before sliced bread?