Question about Ambassadeur Carbontex

Started by Salmon53, April 30, 2023, 02:21:04 AM

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Hi Dawn.  I am learning about CarbonTex and am going to be replacing the drag washers in my Ambassadeur reels.  I bought a washer kit off of eBay before I found your website.  The drag washers I bought were titled "Smooth Drag Abut Garcia 4000, 5000, 6000, Ambassadeur C3 C4 Carbontex Washers".  Are these yours and are you selling on eBay? 

I have about 35 reels to do.  Most are 5501 C3 and 5601 C4, but I do have some of the old 5001c's (black) and 6001c's one black and one silver.  My 5001c's are early 80's.  I still have the boxes and schematics so I can get the exact part numbers.  However, I can't find the schematic for the black 6001c.

Because I have so many reels, I am thinking about buying the Carbontex sheets and making the drag washers myself to help save on cost.  It looks like the 5501 C3's and 5601 C4's are .5 mm thick - is this correct?

I am going to buy the drag washer kits for the 6001c since I only have 2 of these.  It looks like they are 1mm thick - does that sound right?  Also, are the early 80's 5001c's the same as the 6001c's?  I haven't taken them apart to clean yet.

Thanks in advance - Craig


I'm so late to the party, sorry.  Did you email me and did we take care of it?