Shimano ST4000XGFL Stradic FL

Started by Squidder Bidder, June 13, 2023, 12:39:20 AM

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Squidder Bidder

So, I've been needing a few modern spinning reels to match with rods I have for the purpose of pitching plugs/jigs/etc. to Mahi offshore at lobster pots, weed lines, etc.

Tackledirect is having a 30% off sale on the Stradics, so I couldn't take a pass. I ordered two 4000 size Stradic FLs.

I've seen this review video, which, in addition to a power knob, includes the upgrade of three plastic bushings to bearings which is something I think I'd like to consider:

The video tutorial is for the 3000 size reel, however. It offers links to a supplier of bearings on ebay.

Below is a link to the appropriate schematic for the 4000 size reel:

It appears that the bushing to bearing upgrade would require replacing the following bushings with part numbers:

RD16157 Spool Bushing
RD19976 Worm Bushing Rear
RD17698 Handle Knob Bushing

The linked source has replacements for the last two but not the first. Does anyone in the Ohana have the specs on a bearing to replace RD16157? A better/more affordable source for all of the bearings? Any other advice on this?



Isnt the stradic FL the "freshwater" version?
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Squidder Bidder

Alan Hawk's review says the 4k FL and SW are identical, and the Stradic SWs at 5K and above are repainted Saragosas:

Plenty of people use them for saltwater applications, and I have to think max drag of 24 lbs is not going to have many strictly freshwater applications. They're going to be stowed below on the ride out and in reserve while chunking to throw at a bull and cow or to toss for a few casts at interesting flotsam and lobster pots. In the future we may upgrade to Stellas but these work for now.