Gulf Reds were HOT yesterday!

Started by Reeltyme, June 03, 2023, 09:47:07 AM

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I was graciously invited by a friend to go out on the Gulf yesterday for some inshore red fishing. The limit here is 1 per person per day over 18" and under 27". On a normal day when we go out, we don't keep any as we just enjoy being out. This day my better half mentioned that she would like a fish dinner if I was lucky enough to catch something. We limited out in the first 10 minutes! Thanks to the live well, we were able to "cull" the rest of the day. Brought home 2 - 26" reds. We totaled 9 boated reds, lost several. All the fish were at least in the slot with 2 being oversized. 1 - 30" and 1 - 33"! One great day!IMG_9255.jpeg


Looks like a fun day on the water !! Congrats !!   John Taylor


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Nice.  Gotta love those line pullers.  Beautiful fish.
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