15th Anniversary trip! AUGUST 13th!

Started by jlezama, May 24, 2023, 10:39:03 PM

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El Pescador

Alright Kids, here we go...

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to Juan for putting this trip together.  It ALWAYS takes ONE GUY, and in this case, Juan IS the ONE GUY!!!!  Thank you Sir for all your time and effort, all of us were the beneficiaries of your work effort.

Here is how it started:  FLAT & CALM and stayed this way ALL DAY.

BTW, the Hats are IN, order yours today.

Juan brought this elec. reel for me to use, Trying to fish and use my cell phone to Google Japanese symbols, made it difficult!!!!

First time I can remember that NO ONE got Seasick, NO ONE.

Because we were deep dropping ( & NOT the deep dropping YOU LEE or YOU TODD do on your fishing grounds), I brought the Speed Demon reel, this Penn 506HS with a PURPLE TIB Frame, Ted's black blade, and Alan C's 45mm foam handle.  BUTT a HUGE THANK YOU to Gfish (Gregg) for OUT OF THE BLUE, or in this case, Purple, He sends me his reel, with a note saying, "I have TOO many reels and you like Purple, so this reel is now yours!!!!"

Here is Bill B. (Bill) and theswimmer (Jonathan).

& here is my fishing lure for the day, a custom-made 12oz lure from a guy I met on Craig's list, selling Rockfish & ling Cod lures & Flies, I'm trying to get him to sign up and get on this site and post for sale his wares.

On the way out to the fishing grounds, someone put out this rod/reel in hopes of a Blue Fin Tuna.

Here we start to fish, but others had the same idea.

A shot of the size difference between an Elec. Reel and my Speed Demon for the day.

10AM and most of the box of brownies my wife Jennifer made are GONE...

More Faces with Names:  Randy, Juan & John Tuttle

With relative ease & little fanfare, Jonathan is awarded the Golden Carp award, AGAIN!!!

Here is Jonathan & me.

Nick with a nice-sized Rockfish.

Up until today, I've only caught ChiliPepper rockfish twice, BUTT today, that is all we caught!!!

Here is Mike (Mikesym) using a Penn Baja Special, and I almost brought my BS, just for the reel speed.

Nick & Juan,

And exceptionally furry in August, Randy Pauly !!!

Again, we got stuck fishing these conditions ALL... Day... LONG...

At one point, I had 2 Chilipeppers on each of 4 drops as soon as my weight hit the sea floor.  A great day - I'll retire this fly for sure.

On the Port Side, in the blue shirt is Rogan (Rich) - a REELY nice guy.

I had a good-sized rockfish gutted, gilled, and scaled for Dominick's wife, Linda.  Dominick will steam a fish better than most chefs!

Bill B. with a Petrole Sole, these saute up great.

These Deckhands are as good as they get!!!  They can make or break your day, and these two REELY made for a great day on the water.

We are done, back the Moss Landing harbor, with the two cooling towers of the energy generating station in sight.


Great day for all, WHO NEXT will step up & plan a day for us to fish together again???

Your roving reporter signing off...


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!

Crab Pot

"The head was cut off, thrown overboard"

Referring to the Wolf Eel.

El Pescador,

I've never caught one.

Is there something about the head I/we need to be careful about when I do????
Buy it nice or buy it twice.


Quote from: Crab Pot on August 17, 2023, 11:14:03 PMIs there something about the head I/we need to be careful about when I do????

lots of teeth!!!!!  ;D
send me an email at for questions!

El Pescador


Wolf Eels are an interesting study.

Large wolf eels are capable of inflicting painful bites on humans

As food
The wolf eel has edible, sweet and savory white flesh. In some coastal northwest Native American tribes, the wolf eel was referred to as the sacred "doctorfish".

Now you've been learn'd!!!


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!

Crab Pot

Good info guys, I like all my fingers and finger tips!


How about AT16 being in September next year!?  :d
Buy it nice or buy it twice.

El Pescador

Just now, this is from Dominick,

Linda and Dominick enjoyed steamed Rockfish for their dinner last night.

Someone please remind ME to bring home my own whole Rockfish & have Dominick

do his own recipe, man it does look great.

Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


Has anyone thought about chartering the boat for albacore. That would be fun.

Bryan Young

Wow, maybe with those conditions, I could have made it in my condition. Looks like it was a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of fun guys.
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D