do you know this new product...?

Started by MexicanGulf, June 28, 2023, 06:55:45 AM

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Woah. No, didn't know about that, but I absolutely want a gunsmoke one for my Mak15T SEA.

Also, what's the source on the image? Instagram somewhere? I want to know more :)


Not sure about that specific handle but the 2023 Makaira Rapid Crank looks interesting -- , especially for those deep-fishing.   


We need someone to email Okuma USA, I'd be very interested in buying a pair. Looks like it's a Japanese market version.


I'm surprised they haven't made this a universal product, maybe they will in the future for other reels!
This would be very useful for anybody, that wanted to spool up their big game reels!
Maybe, like everything else, somebody will find a way to modify this thing for different reels, or as a line spooler!