Caldia MQ - Main shaft lateral play

Started by JoeSydAU, August 31, 2023, 01:25:53 AM

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I have this Caldia MQ 4000 in for service. The spool is wobbly, when taking a closer look, there is a fair bit of lateral play with the main shaft inside the pinion gear.

It looks like there should be a nylon bushing/collar holding the main shaft centred within the pinion, but there is no such part on the schematic and Daiwa service confirmed it looks normal.

There doesnt seem to be anything broken or missing that would cause the main gear to move so much. Anyone have any ideas if this is normal? It causes the spool to wobble and crash into the rotor. I dont have any other spinning reels that have this much play in the shaft..

I found a tear down video of a BG MQ on YouTube, in the screenshot you can see a nylon bushing.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 112123.png

Screenshot 2023-08-31 112403.png

Screenshot 2023-08-31 112218.png


The original BG did not have the washer but the gap we see in the Caldia looks huge and in need of one. The BGs I have seen without the washer were far tighter.

Order a BG washer and see if it fits? I wouldn't enjoy that Caldia the way it is.


Does the rotor nut hold a support bearing?
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I've seen that gap before on an old team daiwa advantage reel. There was a rubber seal that went in there. Kind of a goofy design if you ask me. Grease in a tight gap would do a better job.
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The non-metal bushing at the pinion/spool-shaft area in some spinners was an inexpensive way to stabilize the spool when under alota pulling force. Prolly best to do it with a brass oilite insert or something similar.
If there never was an insert of some type there, it's too big a gap to be wear? Could it be the wrong size part?
What's the owner say? Could he have taken it apart and left out the bushing?
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In every modern Caldia 4000 schematic I can find there is a bushing that fits into the pinion nut that supports the spool shaft.


Thanks for the replies. Owner unsure the history. There are definitely no parts missing per the schematic. I'll try and get my hands on another one for comparison.

I have a feeling it's been messed with or should have gone back to Daiwa as a warranty claim if it came out the box like that..

Everything else seems in pretty good condition, the reel couldn't be more than a year or so old..


Can you post a picture of the pinion nut?