Penn Black 112 and YTS KIT

Started by jigmaster501, September 02, 2023, 01:42:26 AM

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If you really want it done take it to a machine shop and take a sixer with ya lol.
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I was thinking about this

If we just left the center hole empty and I filled it with beeswax (to keep out water), would it work.

I looked at some newell reels that have a similar design and I think I will give it a shot to see how it looks.

The top holes will have screws going through and the bottom holes will just be through the inner frame.

The reel seat has the center hole going through.

Do you think this will work?



Should work ok I'd guess, worth a try.  Same way Newell does it. You'll just have an open hole in the side plate
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 The seat holes on a black 112 don't fully line up with a 113h seat. It's been tried before. They're off by just a smidge, just enough so screws won't go in
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