130ST - Stuck Adjuster Screw

Started by PaulieFlowers, September 03, 2023, 02:23:11 PM

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Wondering if anyone has any tips. I am working on a friend's 130ST. The Preset Drag is stuck. When I tore it down, it seems the Adjustment Screw is stuck in the Cam Follower. I have soaked it in solvent. I have used a socket and break bar on the Preset Knob Insert to try persuading it, heating it - etc. I don't want to apply too much force because the part is obsolete and I can't find replacements. Any tips or experience with freeing up these parts? Bit worried it's cross threaded in there. At this point my plan is to return the part to my buddy and have him be the one to really exert force on it to see if it'll budge. I don't want to be the one to damage it.


yeah, this one is just plain stuck. immensely helpful, i know, but it's just plain stuck.  a slow 20 second count with a propane torch should loosen it up.  that and a heavy vise and breaker bar should be enough persuasion.  it will come apart. well, maybe cuss at it a little, but it will come apart.   :-\
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In general, when I'm dealing with some type of nut/bolt/fastener, that could possibly be rusted, or just plain stuck!
I've had, really good luck trying to slightly tighten it first, to break it free!
A few times, I figured out, that I was dealing with, reverse threads as well lol!
A good friend of mine was an awesome, certified mechanic! And a broke off nut/bolt, in a very costly engine, could end very badly for everyone involved!
I learned this valuable trick from him!
Usually, if doesn't take a whole lot of force either! He would put the socket wrench or a wrench on there, and just kind of hit it or tap it forward lightly!
You could literally hear, the darn thing break free, then right back the opposite way!
He really did, make it look easy though lol!


Thanks for the input. Will let you know how we make out.


So, my friend tried to get them apart and ended up damaging the part.

I ordered a replacement on on Ebay, but I believe the hole in the screw is not the correct size. Gotta get the broken one back to compare.


send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!