To Shine or Not to Shine — Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish

Started by foakes, September 08, 2023, 12:25:40 AM

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Off topic but I have been using amsoil chain lube on my grandson's
Atv and my sickle mower blades it's
Waxy doesn't sling off.The amsoil dealer sold me on a product they sell"mudslinger".It's for dirt bikes,atvs,keeps mud from sticking makes easy to rinse off. I put it on the golf cart too,He said you can apply to front of your vehicles for bugs as well.


I tried Mother's MAP on my newest Microlite with a 12v dremel buffing wheel.I removed handle from reel, then the knob and masked off with painter's tape just past the knurl.Slathered with Mother's and let the dremel go to town.


Looks great!

A quality vintage reel that is serviced, restored, & shiny —-

Always seems to work better on the water.

The difference between an old, crusty barnacle —- and a smoothly operating machine —- is only some cleaning, maybe a part or two, a little grease & oil, some elbow grease, a little shine in the right areas, and a couple of hours.

The result yields a lifetime reel.

Good work!

Best, Fred
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