O. C. 209 Model C. Narrow Trolling Reel

Started by Shellbelly, September 13, 2023, 03:13:46 AM

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This is possibly the most narrow conventional reel made by OC.  Frame width inside is near 1-1/4"  and 3-3/4" tall.  In comparison, the 109 frame is 1-3/8" wide.  This one doesn't have the A/R switch that may have been built into the earlier models.  It appears that it came out around 1949 and I couldn't find it in any docs after 1951.  It is advertised in the Seattle family of reels that started around 1940/41.  It took a couple of years for me to get one and I AM in the dog house for a while.

It has a 3-stack asbestos drag set, 2-1/4:1 gears, 6 posts, and a 3-screw stand which is pretty amazing itself.  I believe the stand could have been the most challenging design and production element. This is a well-built and overbuilt trolling reel that seems strong and very sturdy.

It arrived in good condition showing light use and very little corrosion.  The interior had a normal amount of old, waxy grease.  The screws indicate it had been serviced.  Overall, it looks like it has been sitting in a safe place for decades, but the plates show exposure and are dull.

The last photo shows what I have of the Seattle bunch.209, 109, 110 (250yd), 210 (250yd), 1110 (400yd).   
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Nice spread!

I did a OC 209 for Dominick some years ago.

Best, Fred
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