yellowail on poppers from the rock in Korea 2023

Started by ksong, September 14, 2023, 04:29:50 PM

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I arrived at Chuja Island from Jeju Island in Korea to catch yellowtail on poppers from the rock.
We had good start catching yellowtail using JS prototype 10' and 11' light rods.
We lost big yellowtail and the monster pulled hook on heavy drag.
We will fish a couple of days more.


Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!

Bryan Young

Looks like fun. Reminds me of fishing inJapan off the cliffs for TY, which I've seen swim by but never hooked up.
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


second day of yellowtail popping
It was pretty hot and we got to clime rocks to get spot.
But we got yellowtail and we could test all 9',10' and 11' JS light rods.


Try going Southern California on them and throw some Tady 45 and Salas 7x at them!
When I was your age Pluto was a planet!


Great pictures.   So similar to the fishing I've done all my life off the cliffs and ledges in Cape Town.

Very hard work, but supper exiting.   Be carefull, one slip.....


It was hot day and I was casting sitting on a rock with life jacket off when a nice yellowtail hit my stickjbait. The light 11' JS rod performed very well on heavy drag.