Star Drag purchase. 30lb test.

Started by Steelynorm, September 15, 2023, 09:25:17 AM

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(The original tutorial IS from but the site's version lost all the photo links:,18.0.html). Size- and profile-wise, similar to the Penn Jigmaster 500, but is all METAL framed.

If on the big auction site, would try to score one UNDER $50. Even with all the upgrades in the tutorial, you should be able to come in under a $Benjamin. The $200 savings should then cover a full reel of 40lb or 50lb braid main AND a couple of 1/2-day trips.

A slightly more expensive option is the Daiwa 300H or 350H...expect at least a $Jackson more. Same 50H tutorial applies since the internals are almost interchangeable.