Tanacom 750 Bull Drag Washers - Japanese Model - And Intro

Started by jeb, September 18, 2023, 06:57:01 PM

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Hi Folks,

First post here. Great site and resource. I wanted to contribute some info that was learned this past week trying to order drag washers for my 'backup' electric assist reels.

I have 2 reels that were purchased in the US. And 2 backup reels that were purchased off ebay from Japan.
One of the Japanese Tanacom 750 Bulls the drag washers were sticky. So they were a good candidate for replacement.

That being said, the SIZE of the drag washers are indeed different between the US 750 and the Japanese one.

I measured them with a caliper and thought I'd post / share so you have this for reference in case you ever are in the same situation.

Here is what I got. This is the 'old' / original drag washers that are in the Japanese version of the reel.

Inner/Red drag washer:
.022" thick -> .56mm
.783" OD -> 19.88mm
.320" ID -> 8.1mm

Outer drag washers (5 of them):
.032" thick -> .812mm
.737" OD -> 18.7mm
.363" ID -> 9.22mm

Comparing that with some Smoothdrag Carbontex that I ordered for a US 750 and these measured the following:

.018" thick -> .45mm
.808" OD -> 20.5mm
.320" ID -> 8.128mm

Outer washers (5 of them):
.030" thick -> .762mm
.852" OD -> 21.64mm
.410" ID -> 10.414mm

At any rate, hope this is helpful and hopefully I put it in the right spot on the forum.