Quatum 1310 MG baitcasting reel (1984)

Started by steelfish, November 24, 2023, 01:13:33 AM

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I searched for information about this reel but I couldnt found anything, so I will post some pictures for showing some of the parts of the reel, I didnt took many pictures so, this is not a tutorial, I might go over this reel later and take more pictures, the reel is pretty straight to work it so, you now the drill.
the only thing I upgrade on the reel was on the main drag washer, I left the drag under the main drag stock because its just too thin to try to make one, in the other hand the drag washer on the main gear was almost a copy cat of the Penn Jigmaster drag washer, it was perfect fit

this is the reel when I got it, it was little bit dirty but other than missing the handle looked like it was never used, check the paint on the lettering, drag freespool buttom.

made in Japan, 1984 Brunswick on the reel foot

on my miscellaneous parts bag I found a handle and nut that fit perfectly, the handle is a perfect match because is has the same color and looks like made from the same aluminum flat bar that was used to made the frame of the reel, a pretty solid aluminum plates with SS posts, this make the reel feel pretty sturdy

pretty sure MG on the reel name comes from Magged

the worm pawl looks new as well as the spring

I applied a light coat of Yamaha grease to the magnets

another coat of grease on the external side of the frame plate then put the gasket to finally put the
left sideplate

this are the internal bits, main gear and worm gear, this reel doesnt have the plastic work gear to save your fingers from being crushed my the levelwind  :o
I forgot to take the picture after I cleaned everything there and leave them with new grease  ::)

at your left the under the main gear drag washer, at your left the a metal washer that makes contact with the
drag washer, it doesnt clearly show but under that metal washer is the antireverse ratchet (one piece unit)

now the top side of the drag assembly, the drag washer and metal washer that goes on top of it

Carbontex Penn 500 Jigmaster drag washer is exact the same size, I will call it, perfect fit

and now the reel cleaned and lubed with a new carbontex drag washer and new handle.

after checking the pictures, I think I can try to use a full jigmaster drag washer under the main gear too, I will go over this reel later, for now I might used as is, it comes with  Ball Bearings that were in good shape, they got cleaned pretty good, my only complaint is the gear/shaft sleeve, it has too much lateral play or I should say up/down play? just like some Penn senator reel have, I will see if I can shim it if not I will leave it like that, the reel feels pretty solid and smooth, same feeling that give you the old shimano Bantams, but this Quantum have bit shy more line capacity than my shimano bantam Magnumlite 2000 GT

it feel like a nice option for inshore fishing or light shore fishing
The Baja Guy