Members Meet Up At Alan's Garage Dec. 20, 2023

Started by El Pescador, December 21, 2023, 12:14:50 AM

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El Pescador

New member, Eric, asked if I would make the introduction to Alan this am, so we drove to Alan's garage for the meeting and for Eric to drop off 9 reels for Alan's Once Over.

First thing that caught my attention is Alan is much lower on Scotch than spools of braid & mono fishing line!!!!!

Scotch on Hand...

Spools of Braid & Mono Line on hand...

Man, that's one for the ages!!!! :o

I'm always looking for things to help organize tackle in a much better way.

I like what I see here.

And here, a small group of members, BUTT no voting, we did not have a quorum!

Left to Right:  Wayne, Juan, Alan & new member, Eric.

Alan's garage is always a great place to gather and learn!!!!


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!