"The Great Blue Heron"

Started by jgp12000, January 30, 2024, 05:13:32 PM

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I have a fish basket tied to my dock to put fish in until I have enough to clean.I made it a few years ago out of PVC,vinyl covered hardware fabric, and zip ties.I had a hatch on it and took it off because I never used it.I keep a count of how many fish are in there and usually clean them after I get 10,but I never leave them in there over 3 days either way. In summer they will die. Last week I noticed fish were missing and suspected there was a hole or a wire tie gave way,no holes were found. The next a.m. on the frost covered dock I noticed some foot prints leading to the basket,the thief was a Great Blue Heron. It had eaten 3 bass,3 crappie,and 2 bream. So I made another hatch and use a small bungee to keep it closed.I read blue herons have night vision,it still checks the basket everyday though,he can see the fish but can't get to them hopefully.They must be pretty smart birds,his buffett days are over though... 


I made something similar for mullet as a teen. We left it at my friend's parents dock on the Indian river. Kept it under the dock to block the sun.

Was stolen within a week. But the idea was sound.

I'll take blue heron over cormorants any day though.
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I also have Anhinga(Water Turkey)similar to the cormorant.Anhinga can dive to 60ft and stay under for 1 minute.It's no telling how many fish they eat I don't know about.


It's a difficult time of year for blue herons.  The water is cold and their prey is staying deep.  They're just trying to hang on until spring.


We have an area here in Santa Barbara that has a lot of big estates with koi ponds. There's several people who stock them with gold fish for the herons. Must look like the Golden Arches from the sky.
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 :(   Yep .  This time of the year the Herons come off the bay , and hit the local ponds .

     The rest of the year Owls and hawks watch over the pond .
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Good pix Joe,them guys are hard to get close to!


Quote from: jgp12000 on January 31, 2024, 11:40:00 AMGood pix Joe,them guys are hard to get close to!
Say that to the ones that tear up my yard looking for worms.

And don't get me started on sandhill cranes.
Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.


Making me want my own night vision ;)  the GBH also seems aggressive or territorial towards the great Egrets.