Fantum 135

Started by oldmanjoe, February 25, 2024, 01:15:14 AM

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    I received this reel from  JasonGotaProblem  .    I never paid attention to the shinny O C reels   "Freshwater reels ".   Well this reel is mostly all aluminum , made for saltwater .    Made around 1941 ish . 300 yards line capacity .         
         Two screw take apart with a different bridge assembly than I am use to .  Very simple and well made ,    The 4 posts and the cut out for the dog spring and dog make this very easy to assemble .   Wear washer under the pinion gear and the simple high hat keyed drag assemble .   Extremely light reel "No line " about 10 1/2 oz .    I have to try it out !  :fish 
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Thanks, Joe!  I love my Penns, but digging into the OC reels is more interesting to me.  You can't always predict what's inside and, after a while, you can see how OC designs evolved. 
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