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Started by Maxed Out, May 16, 2024, 01:45:10 AM

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Maxed Out

 If you've taken apart a few Penn reels, you've probably accidentally put the fully threaded bridge screws in the wrong holes, and didn't notice till you got the reel all the way finished, then noticed the Freespool lever is hard to move because the yoke catching on those threads from the fully threaded screws that belong in the lower 2 holes...oh drat, now you need to swap the screws, but if you pull that screw out that holds the dog, the spring will move the dog and you can't slide the correct screw into that hole cause the dog is no longer lined up with that screw hole. Now you've gotta take the reel all apart again and start over.

 Easy fix, just remove the sideplate, and remove the 2 fully threaded screws from the yoke holes, then start backing out the screw that holds the dog, and take one of those fully threaded screws and screw it into the backside of the bridge plate as you gradually remove the partially threaded screw from the front side. Slowly unscrew that dog screw as you keep screwing the screw in from the backside. Don't pull the front side screw out until you've screwed the backside screw in most all the way. Once that backside screw is fully in, you can try and turn handle backwards to assure yourself you have kept the dog in place. Now take the other fully threaded screw and put it in the front side and keep pressure on it as you back out the backside screw until you get to the point where your front side screw hits the threads, then tighten it down. The other screws can now all be swapped without issues. Here's a couple pics to help you picture what I tried to explain. The 2nd pic shows the screw going thru the bridge plate is now holding the dog in place, so you can now put the other fully threaded screw in from the front side
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Clickbait! That's not a Penn lol.  You come up with some cool stuff Ted (as expected).

I haven't had time to tinker with a reel in months. I am busier than when I worked for myself.
I woke today and suddenly nothing happened.

Bryan Young

Good stuff Ted. Thanks for the advice.
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


Super genius! - john

Maxed Out

 Yes Randy, not a stock Penn, but it is a Cortez "113h" sideplate
We Must Never Forget Our Veterans....God Bless Them All !!


We both know you are right Ted, just playing.
I woke today and suddenly nothing happened.


Yes this will come in handy. Thank you