Started by LTM, October 23, 2013, 06:10:22 AM

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quang tran

Drag start up very light G-fish .The 2 bearings compress a heavy spring help smooth drag ,more consistent  without jerking


The drag adjustment consists of :
 drag knob
 keyed washer
 flat washer
 flat washer
 large (29mm) keyed washer/pressure plate with raised center
 Large (29mm) friction washer originally oiled felt
 Large (29mm) pressure plate attached to spool (three ears and screws)
All of the drag pressure is borne by the center of the bearings through the keyed and flat washers. Smooth startup, stable spool.

The drag clicker gear is about 29mm with several keyed aluminum washers (spacers I presume) and a 29mm teflon washer on top which is against the pressure plate on the bottom of the spool when the spool is in place.

I enclosed the original felt washer in the box in case you wanted it. The thing I didn't like about the oiled felt is if it's over-oiled all that drag pressure squeezes oil out which runs down onto the teflon washer.

quang tran

I put the felt washer back and remove the carbon washer also replace rotor bearing


That's good. We both knew the bearing was noisey. That's why the reel was free to you. If you don't want the cf washer please mail it back it's unused and came from one of my other reel projects.