Komodo SS issues.

Started by Phishface, February 28, 2022, 06:56:06 AM

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Hi all:

I bought a Komodo SS a while back, maybe the first year they were offered at the Fred Hall show. I have fished it quite a bit and like the reel allot, but as I've gotten older I find I don't like the small handle, it's hard on my cranking hand. I also don't like how loud it is when casting, have any of you who own this reel experienced it? I was thinking it was a problem with the bearings?

I've read a massive post on handle replacement on another forum and plan to deal with that, don't know how to address the casting noise.
Do you guys know how to diagnose the cause of the casting noise?

Thank you for your help.



There are two handle styles from Okuma for the Komodo, a typical double paddle, and a larger power handle with a single foam ball style knob.   I have found  the power handle quite suitable for saltwater work.   If the power handle does not meet your needs,  there is also potential cross compatibility with handles from other models, or even other manufacturers, but I don't have any experience to offer here.  There are also tutorials here on replacing  knobs on a factory handle arm with custom knobs.  There are also aftermarket handle arms with or without knobs.

In terms of noise,  the Komodo has a non-disengaging level wind.  I would suggest cleaning and oiling the level wind as a first step.  It can get really noisy and slow down the cast if dirty/dry.

If the problem is the spool bearings, they may simply be dry.  If oiling the bearings does not do the job, remove and clean  the bearings and then check to see if they feel smooth or rough when spun. If rough, the bearings will need to be replaced.

If the above does not fix the problem, it gets a bit more complicated if the the spool to worm mechanism has been  worn, but you are basically looking for any visible wear or rough feeling in transferring spool rotation to worm oscillation.  The worm itself and the line guide are common culprits on level winds.  Check how smoothly the line guide moves.

There is a good tutorial on serving the Komodo, and I did a follow up thread as well.

Hope this helps, and please report back on your findings.



I ended up buying a GOMEXUS Power Handle off eBay for $39 bucks. Came with a bunch of shim washers to allow the handle to be at just the correct height, was convenient and easy. We'll see how it works hopefully soon.


Check the race where the centrifugal brakes run. It can get sticky and cause a howl when casting. Cleaning it helps.