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The T60XN lives on! As the "Red Grouper"... Nice work Alex, I like that red ring look.
Fishing Rods / Re: New budget BFS build
Last post by jgp12000 - Today at 07:40:00 AM
Yep I know the rod length has to be a factor,I have to sling it windmill style to get that distance.Certainly not for dock shooting or going under a limb,it may be good for trolling or live bait bottom fishing but fun nonetheless because it's so light.Yep Steve,once again not enough line I had a little of the yo zuri left I figured practice with it then try the 6lb braid.I imagine a 1lb
Crappie will feel like Jaws 4 on this rig.
Fishing Rods / Re: New budget BFS build
Last post by oc1 - Today at 06:23:11 AM
I'm surprised you can get 30 feet.  Try removing the levelwind and filling the spool. 

But, you can't expect too much from that rod.  Try to find something longer and a rod rated for 1/8 oz lure.  A 4 wt fly rod would work too; and you can probably find a used one for cheap.
San Diego Long Range / Re: San Diego Fish Processing ...
Last post by Keta - Today at 05:38:02 AM
I made my reservations by the"old" method at Fisherman's, by e-mail.  They called me 10 minutes after opening and helped me get into the new system.  I had to pay a refundable $100 deposit.  If I come back with no fish on the mid May 3 day trip the deposit is refunded. 100% chance I will have fish on the late October 10 day.

As far as I am conserned Fisherman's is the only place to go if you are not going to cut your own fish. So far they have made sure my fish was ready early the same day for the long drive home.

No matter who you decide to process your fish make reservations ASAP.... or sooner.
Just a heads up for the Ohana - with the huge volumes of sportfishing in San Diego, timely fish processing is not a given.  Before I get to my reason for this post, let me state some generalities:
1 - There are three prominent fish processors in San Diego.  I have used two of them.  They all do a good job, and they are all comparably priced.  This is not about "who is best" this is purely informational.
2 - Fisherman's Processing is transitioning to an online reservation system.  If you already have reservations for fish processing for your trip this year - you will probably receive a call from them.  If you have not heard from them and have a reservation that you placed, reach out to them.  If you have a trip booked this year and you do not have processing booked with anyone...shame on you (see item #1).
3 - Have I mentioned how critical it is to attach the same importance to your processing as you do for your trip?  Especially if you are travelling some distance to get here.  When you put your money down on your trip, book a processor reservation the same day.  And in the case of Fisherman's Processing, it appears they are going to be requiring deposits for reservations going forward, and reservations will be done through an online portal similar to how the Long Range boats do it.
Moral of the story:  You have already booked your trip, book your processing at the same time!  The more we as sportsman can do to give the processors a little visibility; the better job they can do with being able to process the insane amounts of fish that can hit the dock at times. The time to figure out what you are going to do with catch is NOT once you hit the dock... - john
Quote from: JasonGotaProblem on Today at 02:13:23 AMThose red rings are unusual looking. But it's kinda cool I like it. Happy to have contributed.

thanks to you amigo

agree on the rings, I might do something similar to my 113hXN reel  ::)  ::)
Those red rings are unusual looking. But it's kinda cool I like it. Happy to have contributed.
Looking good Alex!!
well, Its my time to built the bigger bro of my T4N1 reel, the big old 114h XN, I couldnt have the kit when Randy offered years ago but lucky me was on the time and place to grab the one my compadre Gregg put on sale some weeks ago.

I have a donor 114h reel which is missing the spool and half frame that I never cared to build it back until getting that tiburon XN kit recently, then got some SS parts and the drag upgrade pack from Jason as this one,37574.0.html

the rings that came on the donor reel were to ugly with some corrosion, so I sanded them and painted them bright red with 3 final coats of spray urethane, pretty sure it wont hold but even when they got scratched and missing spots of paint will look 3x better than how they were before  ^-^ and I can always take them out and install the shiny ones that Jason sent me along the SS parts.

I have two brass dogs and used them to help me to cut the sideplate to adapt a second dog, but I will order some SS 114 dogs from mystic in few days, I liked the sound of non-syncro dogs but still dont know if I will installed syncro or non-syncro dogs when finally got the SS dogs.

the think I need to order before build the reel and I havent found where to get it is the Eccentric Jack, the one that come with the donor reel has the "legs" just bent but Im looking for the reinforced Jack, on Mystic parts the part 11-114 shows a picture of the old style jack not the reinforced one, I dont know if thats the one they send or the reinforced one and just never updated that picture

this an old post from Sal where he recommend to use the reinforced Jack with beefer tabs

so, still missing to finish the reel although I have the stock parts to build it but Im not in a hurry.

- 2 SS dogs
- Reinforced Eccentric Jack
- take the 80# braid out and install 100# braid on it, its better here for abrasion purposes to use heavy braid line
Fishing Rods / Re: New budget BFS build
Last post by JasonGotaProblem - February 23, 2024, 09:54:46 PM
Is it a synchronized level wind, and if so did you give it a good polish job? If not 10 yds isn't bad out of the box. I bet after a tune it'll do better.