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Title: A trio of Trions
Post by: festus on October 27, 2017, 02:34:16 PM
About 8 or 9 years ago my wife asked me what type of "pink" fishing tackle I would buy her.  Got her a BPS pink fishing backpack loaded with pink lures, pink curly tail grubs, pink leadheads, bubble gum plastic worms, pink hooks, pink floaters, even some two toned pink monofilament.  Also spotted a size 30 Pflueger Lady Trion M action 6-1/2' spinning combo in pink. 

She collects so much pink stuff she decided to put it all in the den on display. None of her tackle has ever been used to this day.  Whenever she decides to go fishing with me, she uses  Zebco 33 or Zebco 888 spincasters and nightcrawlers or minnows for bait.

Anyway, I really l liked her Trion so I got me a couple of smaller ones, the size 20 and 25 (but not pink) with spare spools.  The tiny one is the smallest reel l've ever used.  I use 2 and 4 lb mono on it and use it mostly creek fishing for bait, chubs, shiners, and bluegill.  The size 25 is perfect for 6 lb test, use it mostly for crappie and white bass and other panfish, plus stream smallmouth occasionally.

These reels have never been serviced until today.  I don't like the fact that there are plastic and graphite parts on the exterior, but was pleasantly surprised once I got them taken apart.  All three had been lubricated with some brown grease from the factory, I got most of that removed and replaced it with blue marine grease.