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Title: Intrest in vr50 servic tutorial?
Post by: RandyMFoster on February 04, 2019, 08:52:18 PM
Hi there ive had my vr 50 a good 6 or 7 months. I have been Servicing all kinds of spining and conventional reels awhile now anyway I think its geting close to to do a full tear down and cleaning/inspection on how the reel is holding up.. Obviously this voids the warrenty but I honestly cannot see myself shiping it out paying shiping and service fee when it is something I can easily do myself having allready taken the reel mostly apart to add grease and to protect bearings etx. If there are people intrested I would happily do an in dpeth tutorial with pictures as an asset to others on the site.

I love this little reel it has held up really well but kayak use is hard on everyreel and I like my personal reels butter smooth I could proably put off service but Im anal about my own reels and I have thrown it at big fish and rough conditions. I paired it with a custom black hole 701L. Im curious to see what countless big snook,cobia nearshore shore snapper have wrought on this10oz reels internals. Weather or not there is demand for a service walk threw , reguardless l be sure to update with my impressions regarding its capability for heavy inshore and "nearshore"useage In the long term.