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Title: Simple Small Parts Organizers
Post by: foakes on August 08, 2019, 02:06:48 PM
Over the years, I have tried so many types of parts organizers — most have worked for a while...

Then they get improved because my work evolves.

I have a fairly good system currently — but one problem with my system was pulling out parts for new builds from NOS bin parts.  Particularly on the Dam Quicks, Mitchell’s, and Penns.

I would pull each part, put it on a tray, assemble the reel.

When doing multiple reels of the same brand — it became a little clunky and time consuming.

Got the bright idea of using ice trays or egg cartons for parts — but each part still had to be pulled, and readied for assembly.

The system was not streamlined.

Cost vs. result & function is always an issue.

Thought I would try small parts organizers like Plano (already have dozens of these), HF (have at least 30 of these).

The Planos are a great quality — but a little pricey.  The HF are an OK quality, cheap at $4 — but not as clean and durable as I would like.

Found these Husky 12 X 7 containers at Home Depot for $5.97 — metal rod hinges, good quality HD materials, excellent latches, stack/nest together perfectly, and have adjustable dividers.

So now, I just pull out 3 or 4 organizers for the same type of reel — open them up on the bench — pull the necessary parts — build some reels — then put them away when done — ready for next time.

Learned a long time ago —that the system has to work for me — I cannot afford the wasted time and effort to work for the system.

Just ordered 25 more of these.