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Title: typical drag washer configuration
Post by: alantani on December 08, 2008, 09:41:59 PM
i went to and pulled off a drawing done by dawn herself.  here's the drawing....

Title: Re: typical drag washer configuration
Post by: alantani on March 29, 2009, 11:08:24 PM
QuoteHi Alan, I am currently upgrading the drag on a Penn 114h to HT-100's and am a bit confused when it comes to installing the washers into the main gear. Do you know if the 114h is a 5 drag set or a 3 drag set?  Once I finish installing the washers should they be flush with the main gear?  When installing a carbon fiber drag should you always alternate between carbon fiber and metal washers or can you have carbon fiber washers back to back?  In your experience what is the best way to set up the drag on this reel?

there was an old stack of three composite drag washers that were installed in the older reels.  they should be upgraded to a stack of 5 HT-100's.  here's the way they should be put together.  the keyed metal washer and the top drag washer can stick over the top of the main gear with no problem.  the slotted metal washer (with the nubs) has to sit inside the main gear. 

Title: Re: typical drag washer configuration
Post by: alantani on March 30, 2009, 08:04:54 PM
Quotepenn 555 drag question

star drag is starting to back its self off as the line is pulled out....any ideas whats causing it ??

here's a diagram from dawn. she's the lady that owns note that metal washers alternate with drag washers. note also that there are two types of metal washers. the keyed metal washers ride on the drive shaft (aka gear sleeve). the slotted metal washers have nubs on the outside and ride with the main gear. the metal washers have to alternate "keyed, slotted, keyed" so that the top metal washer rides with the drive shaft. if you have your stack set up so that the metal washers are oriented "keyed, keyed, slotted, then the top metal washer rides with the main gear.

now what happens is that the line is pulled out, the spool moves backwards, the spool moves the pinion gear, the pinion gear moves the main gear, the main gear moves the slotted metal washer, the slotted metal washer moves the spacer, the spacer moves the star and the star backs up counter clockwise until you loose all drag pressure. this is the most common way that this problem occurs. your reel had to have been assembled incorrectly by someone. a reel could NEVER come from the factory like this. alan

Title: Re: typical drag washer configuration
Post by: alantani on April 07, 2009, 10:21:56 PM
Quote from: dylan on April 07, 2009, 09:20:03 PM
Hi Alan.  First, thanks for all the informtion, posts, and tips!  You have a big fan club up here in Oregon on Ifish.  I am doing my first reel service, Penn 113H.  Are the metal washers in the drag stack supposed to be flat?  Belvilles are used only in lever drag reels, right?  Drag washers in star drag reels should be flat?  I'm asking because after I reassembled it, there's a little bit of slop (axial) in the reel handle.  I noticed the old metal washers were not quite flat.  Was wonding if I assembled the parentheses wrong?  There's also a little grinding (freespool is good; I can feel the grinding in the handle when the gears are engaged) - I was going to take apart and clean the gears better.  Thanks again, Dylan

chances are the gear teeth are shredded a little.  if you want to get it smooth again, you will most likely have to replace the main and pinion gears. 

the keyed and sloted metal washers are stamped from stainless steel.  there is always some slight curvature.  under pressure, they flatten out just fine.  the proof is in the drag pressure anyway.  they could be waved in an out a half dozen times.  if the drag works, it works. 

regarding the bellevilles, you will find them in many star drag stacks, just above the last final keyed metal washer.  the purpose is to distribute pressure downward to the outer edges of the drag washer.  if pressure is being applied only by the spacer tube to the center of the keyed metal washer, then you might get a little less drag pressure as a result.  regardless, just put it together using the parts you have and give it a yank.  if you get enough drag pressure, then call it a day.  particularly with the older penns, the tolerances are so loose on these reels that you could spend an entire day trying to dial it in just perfectly and never get it right.  trust me on this one, i've been there.  alan