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Title: TLD 20/30 speeds
Post by: bigreddog on November 14, 2009, 06:29:07 PM
I have a question for Alan or anyone else........has anyone ever seen a TLD 2 speed with a frame that has blown out a dog pin, or otherwise imploded under stress?  The reason for the question:  I recently bought a new AVET pro EX30.  It started with 15 seconds of freespool but after a few hours working on it freespool is now one minute or a bit more.  The reel seems well built but heavy, with marginal freespool.  I will use this reel for fishing 100# line and sardines on a 7' rod, and I want it to be at least as castable as the TLD's are. I am disappointed with the AVET's freespool performance, although it is easily capable of fishing 100#.

I have been fishing TLD 20's with frames and tiburon handles for several years and have caught many tuna in the 125# class while fishing 50#, and witnessed a couple of 180# fish caught without problems.  I retired them because of all of the new reels on the market.  From what I see with the AVET, it is inferior for this application compared to the old tried and true TLD after the Alan Tani upgrades.  Will the single dog blow out (spectacularly) while fishing 100#?? 

For what it is worth after installing a drag plate PLUS the washers supplied by Alan, I get 40# plus drag and OVER 5 minutes of freespool, and it casts a sardine very well.  Additionally, I love the gearing on the TLD's.

Title: Re: TLD 20/30 speeds
Post by: alantani on November 16, 2009, 03:23:53 PM
i've got a frame for a tld 30 II that broke at the base.  never had a tld 20 II break like that, presumably because the frame is narrower and stronger.  also never had the dog rip out of the graphite side plate, but that would be the next thing to fail. 

Title: Re: TLD 20/30 speeds
Post by: bigreddog on November 16, 2009, 08:44:24 PM
Thanks for the reply Alan.  I re read my post and I see that I was not clearly explaining something.  The TLD 20 that I am talking about has a Tiburon topless frame.  So I am concerned with the dog system more than anything else.  I intend to put the reel to the test at higher drag pressures than I have in the past, unless I hear of failures in the dog system.
Thanks, and great website!

Title: Re: TLD 20/30 speeds
Post by: alantani on November 16, 2009, 10:38:33 PM
i've never pushed a tld 20 II past 20 pounds of drag.  up to that point, i'm confident that the dog will hold up.  beyond that, i'm not sure.  mine are rigged with 80# spectra and 50 to 60# topshots with drag settings up to 20 pounds.