One Piece Frame JigMaster 500/501 is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Black Pearl, December 07, 2016, 03:00:38 PM

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Black Pearl

Quote from: Petah on September 21, 2018, 07:02:53 AM

        Thanks so much for these!!! I had the opportunity to fish my 501 on three separate trips now.
The reel is flawless in my opinion!!!! Super strong, your bridgeplate, gear sleeve and JMX500 gears and drags performed perfectly!!!


That is very cool. I am going to start another new business. It is a "Rent A Reel" business. I am going to rent out this one piece JM frame reel to customer. It will be based on weekly rental. Stay tune!!!

Reel 224

You can get those screws in partial thread also and cut the to length.............Joe from McMasters
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Black Pearl

Also, I have a lot of members reported that this two pieces reel feels much stronger than 3 pieces platform. I am just waiting for any member to report on catching a big fish on it.... Stay Tune!!!!!