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Started by stevef, February 13, 2015, 08:56:39 PM

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Hey guys the responses here have been great.

Alan, fully understand re wife booking time away, I really don't expect for you to,out yourself out however if we can get a day in that would be  fantastic.

Henry, thanks for the heads up,on your cabin. Is Horse Creek in Florida? I did a search and I reckon I might have pinpointed it. Please confirm location and I will be keen to check out how we might be able to work it in

Again...thanks guys


 Yes, I'm in S.W. Florida between Sarasota and Fort Myers inland a bit between Port Charlotte and Arcadia.  I am 7.5 miles E. of I-75 exit 170 just off Kings Hiway on Start Center St. That should zero you in on Google. We have a little family compound surrounded by 4500 acres of state park. PM me for more details
Not all fishing is done with rod and reel.


Hi Alan

Flights all locked in and paid for.

We arrive in SF evening of 23 August so that leaves the 24th or 25th as potential fishing days if the offer still stands.

Again I really appreciate your offer, but don't put yourself out if you have family or work commitments the I am sure that I will find plenty to do in SF