Olympic 8500 spinning reel - line roller source?

Started by tristan, November 27, 2015, 07:25:46 PM

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Anyone happen to have a box-o' spare parts for the Olympic 8500 spinning reel?    I'm trying to locate a new line roller for the bail.

Reel is in otherwise great condition, but the roller has corrosion through the chrome.

More than happy to pay for it, just let me know the price.




Tristan can you post a picture with measurements please.

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Keith -

Here's the specs:

.2155 length
.333 outside diameter
.209 inside diameter
.197 Shaft diameter, that the line roller rides on

Hope this picture posts:

Here's a pic of the reel:

and another:

The rotor was pretty corroded and lacking some finish when I got it, I kind of like how the refinish turned out.


Thanks for the link.   I really only need the roller at this point, so the kit might be considered 'overkill'.

Of course, the kit might keep the reel functional till some grandkids come along and inherit it!   Lol...