2nd Generation 113HX 4:1 SS Gear Set

Started by Black Pearl, December 10, 2015, 03:26:35 PM

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Black Pearl

Quote from: badfish71 on February 10, 2016, 12:35:39 AM
How do we get them?

It is not available yet. We are sourcing the carbon fiber material. I hope that it will be available around May.


Alto Mare

The correct washers came in and I put them to a test:

Everything fits nice and snug

I was able to pull on the reel at 58 lbs

That number is only for testing purpose, to see if the eared washers hold up ok.
This reel should not be fished a those settings, I'm thinking 30 lbs max and yes, I believe it will handle it with no issues.

The tested reel had the new custom heat treated double dog bridge, custom heat treated gear sleeve with 10 teeth ratchet, custom heat treated pinion and main gear ( 5-113HX ), ( 5 ) 1 mm eared carbon fiber washers, ( 5 ) .85mm SS keyed washers and three extra for the top.
They are working on making just one thick washer for the top.
I've tested a few reels by now, to me, this one is the smoothest by far.  It feels extremely smooth.

I also tested the Jigmaster set:

Alan source believes that the eared carbon fiber  washers will do just as good in the Jigmaster, even though the hole on the sleeve is larger.
I told Alan that I needed to tested, so here is what I got:

I was able to pull it to 32 lbs, again testing numbers only, this reel will do great at around 20-22 lbs.

I checked the washers afterwards and all looked good

This is good news, it should save you some money by having the same size carbon fiber eared washer for the 113H and Jigmaster.
This reel felt just as smooth as the one mentioned above, we have a nice combination of parts here.


Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.


A smooth 30lb of drag will go well in the 113HNN - or any 113H for that matter.
Thanks for doing these tests Sal - everyone who buys Alan C's Penn upgrades is benefiting from your design input and testing of prototypes.

It can't be too difficult - a lot of people do it.

Alto Mare

Thank you Mike, I appreciate the kind words.
I always try to give my best suggestions on everything Alan C. brings to us.
On this one:

I have a bit more involvement than usual, on making sure the parts play nice with each other.
I'm very happy with the results.

ps... I'm being conservative with the numbers that I've put out on these reels, higher numbers are not really needed, so I'll keep it  as they are.
Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.

Ron Jones

Makes my Marlin Special a 100# reel for sure. I'm so giddy I can barely keep from falling over out of my chair. I understand that you can buy new reels that are just as capable for about the same money by the time you are done, but who cares. We're talking about fishing an 80# 501!

You guys are amazing.
Ronald Jones
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where do we get our name in line for penn 500 gears??

Black Pearl

This part will be available for shipping by mid May 2016.

This is a 2nd generation 113H (code name: 113HX) 4:1 SS gear set with 6 ears.

Here is the price per items.
113HX 4:1 SS gear set (main and pinion):   $62.00
1mm carbon fiber drag washer (5 pcs):       $15.00
0.9mm SS keyed metal washer (5 pcs):      $12.00
2.5mm SS keyed top metal washer (1 pcs): $7.50

Here are the difference package deals.
Package A: 113HX gear set + CF washers (set) + 0.9mm SS keyed metal washers (set) + 2.5mm SS keyed metal washers (set) + delrin under gear washer (Free) = $89.99
Package B: PC98-320 (10 teeth gear sleeve) + package A = $113.99
Package C: SS eccentric jack + SS yoke + package B = $124.00. Please note that the eccentric jack will be available on June 2016.

Shipping cost is $3.25 per package by USPS First Class Parcel Service or $8.00 for the first package + $4.00 per additional package by USPS Priority Mail within the US.

For outside the US shipping cost, please contact me for more info.


I need one package C for a 113H.


Black Pearl

Quote from: anglingarchitect on April 22, 2016, 02:41:55 PM
I need one package C for a 113H.


Hi Mark,

The jack will be available on June 2016, therefore, you order will not ship out until I receive the jack part. Is it acceptable?



When I got Alan's gear set to draw up washers for them I was highly impressed with the quality of the gears!  Once I installed them I was more impressed, they run quiet for SS gears.  The Newel gears in my Tank will be put into my loaner reel.

I have been playing with the set I have for a few days but have a slightly damaged bridge from Sal's testing, it has a striped screw hole I need to weld up and redrill and some discoloring from overheating...Sal really put the load on it and it still works.  I am not pushing mine to the top but I am pulling 38# and it has a silky smooth 20#, my target drag # for my "Tank".   With one of the PRO Challenger gearsleeves the backlash should be much less.

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Well its been a month what's happening with the second generation gear sets.


Black Pearl

Quote from: mikeysm on May 30, 2016, 02:00:08 PM
Well its been a month what's happening with the second generation gear sets.

All gear sets should be done next week, and they should ship out to the US by end of next week.


That sounds great these old reels will soon be the ultimate in penn reels. I used my jigmaster gear set in my accurate squidder magnum. The 5:1 gear ratio is a huge improvement over stock squidder gearing. Now I can get my jigmaster back together and max out my 113 4/0 on improvements.